So you are looking for a new job?

Stuck in a rut?

So you want to change your job?


Are you wanting to spread your wings and go for something better?

Are you just sick of the “same old same old”?

Not getting on so well with the other folks who work there?
Been asked to take on extra work for little or no extra pay?

Or are you subject of redundancy, voluntary or forced?

Whatever the reason, you’re probably not looking forward to going out onto the job market to find something different.

You’ve heard from the doomsayers.

“There’s nothing around here to go for”.
“There are no jobs out there.”

You’ve heard from your friends and family.

“I don’t know why you want to give up that job, it’s steady money.
What are you going to do, if you don’t find anything else?”

Now hear what you’re saying to yourself.
“I’m better than that job lets me be”
“I can do better than that and earn more money as well”
“I must get away from that job, it’s so draining”

So give yourself the chance, especially if you can look for a new opportunity while you’re still working.

This series of web pages will show you how to get out into the job market. 

They will tell you the secrets not known by most ordinary job seekers.

You will find out how the job market is structured and how to get to the majority of opportunities, which are hidden in the unadvertised market.

You will learn about yourself, the way you do things and you will find out how to describe your skills in such a way that employers will quickly realise that you are the right person for the job.

You will be shown how to put together a good, selling, CV or resume with plenty of examples to work from.

That’s a CV or resume which describes what you can do and will do, rather than what you have done in the past.

You will learn secrets of filling in an application form and how to write a short snappy covering letter.

Using the telephone is something that most of us do every day but isn’t amazing how we can become tongue tied in asking for even the most simple thing?

There’s information designed to help you with this, complete with scripts you can use to help you with most job seekers conversations.

How good are your friends to you? 

Asking them slightly different questions can improve the amount of help they can give you, without making them embarrassed or worrying if what they have said could have been wrong.

When the time to go for the Job Interview arrives, you will have a good idea of what questions the interviewer will be asking you and, better still, what answers they’re expecting to hear from you.

The job of finding a job goes on even after you’ve accepted the offer and have started work.  You want to show that you can be the best ever

There are techniques to keep you in the mind of your boss and make sure he knows just how good you are.

All this and more is available in the web page series, written in a friendly and approachable style.

No jargon, every step explained simply, plenty of examples, easy and short steps to complete winning CVs or resumes and write good letters. 



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