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Some books I’ve used and found really helpful and some books I have no hesitation in recommending you buy.
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Six books from John Lees – John is a bestselling UK careers coach and writes in a practical and inspiring way.

Career Reboot encourages you to break out of a rut and start to make positive things happen in your career. Packed with practical tips for rejuvenating your career, this book is a must for anyone striking out into a difficult job market after redundancy or simply looking for new opportunities in tough times. 

How to Get a Job You’ll Love 2011- 2012 is a new, improved edition of one of the most popular career planning titles by a British author. Discover your hidden skills and motivators, and get inspiration from a wealth of job-hunting strategies and useful resources.

Why You? CV Messages To Win Jobs is based on extensive research into the way employers read CVs.
This step-by-step guide helps you develop the right format to match your needs and aspirations, and effectively use your CV as part of a multi-strategy job search.

Job Interviews: Top Answers to Tough Questions helps you think through hundreds of tough questions and respond with total confidence, includes a fast-track preparation option in case your interview is tomorrow.

Take Control of your Career, whether you want to advance up the career ladder or make the transition to a more interesting role, this book gives you the tools and techniques to achieve your goals.

The Interview Expert, put the tools in this book to work and next time you walk into an interview, you can be confident that you’re the obvious choice for the job.

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