The Electronic CV and Covering Letters

Quite often you are asked to send your CV by email or upload it to a web site address. 

Do you know how to do this?

Do you know what happens to your CV at the other end?

Sometimes “ignorance is bliss” but if you aren’t “bothered” about how the CV looks when it’s received then you aren’t really “bothered” about your image or brand.

And, if you aren’t “bothered” about your own image, how do you think this reflects on the way you would project the image of the new organisation you were hoping to work for?

It pays to go the extra mile and make sure the CV you have brilliantly crafted arrives as near perfect as you can make it.  Also, you want to make sure it arrives in the hands of the person who is able to open up the job offer to you.

Make sure it gets to the “organ grinder” not the “monkey”!

This applies doubly to covering letters.

Sending a speculative approach letter by email might just get to the right person but can you be sure they’ll ever look at it?

Company network administrators are very cagey about allowing staff to open up unsolicited emails, especially with attachments. They are more likely to direct them to the spam folder, perhaps even straight to the trash can.

Only rely on sending your very important message by email if you are certain the recipient is expecting it and ask for an acknowledgement so you are sure it gets there.

Visit the download area of this web site and take a look at the e-leaflet available to you there.

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