What type of CV will I send?

There’s more than one type of CV?

Oh, yes!

It’s a case of “horses for courses”.

What it depends on is:-

  1. why you are sending the CV
  2. who you are addressing the CV to
  3. what your aim is in sending the CV

Why are you sending the CV?

Is it in response to a job advert in the press or on the internet?

In which case it is almost certainly being sent to a personnel department or a recruiter and aimed at a specific job description – the most appropriate CV will be a reverse chronological CV.

Is the CV being sent in on a speculative basis without a job in mind?

In this event you must avoid personnel department like the plague, send it to a hiring manager, or his boss.  Either the reverse chronological or the functional CV would be effective here, depending on where you learned and used the skills you are selling to them.  If you are sending a speculative CV to a recruiter, keep away from the functional format.

Are you sending the CV on a speculative basis where you have heard of the possibility of a job vacancy?

Then it definitely goes to the hiring manager or his boss. Very rarely will you be approaching a recruiter for this reason.  Again, either the reverse chronological CV or functional CV, this time with the addition of a strong achievement section, relating how you have benefited previous employers in this field.

Are you sending the CV in advance of an “information meeting” through your network?  You will be sending it to your network contact who may or may not know you well.  In either event you should gave done sufficient research to find out what issues or problems the company has.  Use a functional CV with a strong achievement section. 

Finally, if you have had a good tip off, or your research has shown, without doubt, that a company or organisation has a problem that you know you could solve, send not a CV but a single page selling letter to the top man.

What do you put on this letter?

Achievements, achievements, achievements.

The plan is to impress him so much, he dare not let you work for his competitors.

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