How to make the CV brilliant

The heading is not how to make the CV perfect, because there is no such thing.

Your CV needs to meet a number of different needs, therefore it needs to be flexible.  It might be an idea to prepare a couple, or three CVs which you can then adapt as need be.

Think “image” or “brand”.

Your CV should be the best possible document you can prepare. It needs to show that you will go the extra mile to have a professional presentation of your skills. It shows you “bother”.

If you’re not “bothered” about the standard of your presentation, will you be “bothered” about the standard of work you undertake for your next employer? Will they be “bothered” to interview you?

Can you produce high quality ouput from your printer?  If not, can you buy a better machine, they’re not too expensive nowadays, or do you know someone with a better printer who would produce your documents for you?

High quality documents need high quality materials. 

Invest in some heavier paper, 100GSM instead of the normal 80GSM, will give your CVs a different and quality feel.

Brilliant white is probably the best.  If you are thinking about using a coloured paper, make it a pale grey or off-white, no strident primary colours.

If you buy a paper with a watermark, this again infers quality, make sure the watermark is the right way round and the right way up when the document is printed.

And don’t forget to buy envelopes of the same quality.  A high quality document in a cheap envelope loses all credibility.  Make the envelopes A4 size, so the documents don’t have a fold when they are presented.

Two pages are best for most CVs.  Keep the language simple, keep the words short, stay away from jargon and leave plenty of white space.

You will need a “Reverse Chronological” CV.

You may need a “Functional” CV.

Both may be improved with an “Achievement” section.

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