Speculative letter – to a recruiter

There might be mileage in writing to a recruiter for help in your job search, don’t put all your eggs in one basket though.

If a recruitment consultant is constantly receiving letters and CVs asking for the writer to be considered for any job vacancy, it makes sense that your letter should stand out from the crowd.

Bear in mind what you are trying to do is to get the consultant interested enough to talk to you, consider you for possible vacancies and stay in touch with you.

How do you help him do this?

The first approach must be personal, as in addressed to the individual consultant and, for maximum effect, be a high quality paper based approach.  Sending e-mails, or uploading CVs to the company database is not good enough. Why? Because everybody else does this and you want to be different.

Use the three paragraph format we’ve shown you elsewhere and keep it to one page. You might consider not sending a CV with your initial approach. Save this until you know more about the type of vacancies this consultant handles so you can prepare a targetted document, rather than send a very general CV.


Your address
Your telephone and mobile number
Your email address

Consultant’s name
Company name
Company address

Dear Consultant’s name

Do you have any clients who might be interested in my experience and achievements to date?

  • Doubled profit contribution every year for five years by eliminating loss making operations and adding new business which increased turnover by a half.
  • Reduced staff overheads by 30% through management reorganisation and restructure.
  • Achieved a four-fold increase in production by refurbishing redundant buildings, re-equipping and transferring business.

I’d be glad to discuss with you how I’d be useful to your clients. With this in mind I’ll give you a ring in the next three days to arrange a meeting.

Yours sincerely

Having said you will ring, make sure you do. If you can’t get to talk to the consultant at the first attempt, don’t give up, nor allow his secretary to say he’ll ring you back. Your phone’s going to be far too busy for that and you don’t want him to get the engaged tone. Ask the secretary if she knows when he’ll be free, make an appointment for you to ring him. Keep doing that ’til you get through.

Choose another consultant, rinse and repeat.

Never be in the situation that you only have one or two “live” consultants. Try to have a panel of four to six. You might, initially, have to contact many more. You’ll quickly get a feel for which will be the most helpful and are best to cultivate.



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