Sorry you didn’t choose me

How the first reaction on receiving a letter of rejection is usually the wrong one.

So you’ve applied for the job, sweating blood over the application and letter, attended the interview, or possibly two, had what seemed to be a very positive conversation, sent a great thank you letter and now you’ve received, “We regret we cannot offer you the job as we have found a candidate who more closely matches our requirements …”.

Most people probably don’t read any more, they crumple up the letter and throw it in the trash can.

We know better though, don’t we?

There are two things we can do.

Great Idea Number One:

Ring up your contact at the company, or the person who sent you the rejection and ask them, nicely:-

“I wonder if you could help me?  I’ve just received your letter saying I have been unsuccessful on this occasion and wondered if you could give me some feedback on my performance at the interview(s). Please, I’m not looking for the reason why you did not employ me, I would like to know how I came over in the interview so I may improve my performance in future”.

Normally, you will get this feedback. It may not be immediate, nor might it be accurate. Some of it, though, could be very valuable.

Great Idea Number Two:

Write a “Sorry you did not choose me letter”.

Dear Bill

I was sorry to receive your letter today advising me you had chosen another candidate for the position we discussed.

Please note, I’m still interested in working with you and your company as I feel I could deliver substantial benefits through the redesign of tooling and workflow on the factory floor. Please bear me in mind if any further opportunities come up.

Meanwhile, to see if you’re interested in hearing my ideas, I’ll give you a ring early next week.

Yours sincerely

You’ve left him with two thoughts:
One – you’re still interested in working with him.
Two – You’ve got ideas which might well save him, and his company, money.

Other examples of thank you letters are available in the letter pack. (to be added)

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