Covering letters

Realising that, in some cases, the covering letter may be more important than the CV or Resume and may even be used exclusively.

If the CV has only a short time to make its mark, then the covering letter has even less.  If the reader can’t find what they’re looking for in the letter within ten seconds or so, then they aren’t going to be bothered to read the rest of the presentation and that includes the CV.

So you see why it is vital we know how to grab someone’s attention quickly.

We need to make the letter look short, sharp, interesting, to the point and, above all, different to the average Job Seekers letter.

  • Good quality paper, the same stock as used for the CV.
  • Three paragraphs, well spaced out, plenty of white space for the reader to make notes, should they wish.
  • An ending that keeps control and involves the reader in as little effort as possible.

Bear in mind that “sales” letters are written in three chunks
    – You need
    – I have
    – Lets meet

Using this format you can show a business person how you can solve a problem.  With the right research and a bit of thought, you could get your message in the right place at the right time, opening up the door to a discussion of how you could help by providing a solution and becoming an invaluable member of the organisation.

Some people advise writing these as business letters with headings and formal language.  Dare to be different, write them the way you speak, put your personality into the covering letter, you can do this in the letter, you can’t in the CV.

The same style should be used for all letters, covering, speculative, information giving or requesting, confirmation and follow up. 

This style becomes your “brand”, after reading a couple or three of your letters, the recipient should know who if comes from just by the look and feel. 





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