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The idea behind this Website or Blog is to give and exchange information about Job Search and all it entails, in a way which, we hope, you will find both interesting and valuable. At the moment it is very much in the design and construction stage, it may well change substantially over the next few weeks or months.

On this series of pages we will concentrate on the secrets of the job market, different ways to present yourself, making you stand out from the other “ordinary” job searchers out there, getting the odds in your favour, doing what others don’t. You can access this from the Job Search Secrets Link above.

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Normally the first thing people do is to concentrate on preparing a CV. You will find ideas and examples of how to do this in the following pages, more samples will be added as time goes on. You will see that there are very many ways to lay out CVs, and, as you will already know, if you have been searching the Internet, there are many ideas of what the “Perfect CV” looks like. You may already be using a template supplied with a word processing program. What we hope to get across to you is that there is no such thing as a perfect CV, the perfect CV for you will be the one which opens the door to the interview. In which case the layout of and information given on the CV really depends on the job you are applying for.

Perhaps it might be a better idea to look for a job first, then prepare the CV?  Possibly, but don’t underestimate the time it takes to put a good CV together.

And, talking about looking for jobs, where are they?

Did you know about the  “unadvertised” or “hidden” market?

The size of this market is unknown, often said to be anywhere from twice to five times the size of the advertised market. It makes sense to find out more and start working in that market. We can give you advice and tips.

How about using recruitment consultants?  All well and good, providing you appreciate their role in helping you. Don’t rely 100% on a recruitment consultant to find you a job, that’s not what they’re there for! Check out our advice.

Do application forms give you a severe case of the shudders when you see them, either on-line or on paper? Read our tips on how to complete them to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Using on-line Job Boards to upload your CV and search for jobs is not such a bad idea, providing you use them properly and don’t spend every waking hour trawling through the myriad of options.

Finally, the day dawns for the interview. Might it be good to know what to expect? Our section on interview tips and techniques will give you more confidence to perform to the best of your abilities.

There are a lot of secrets which we will open up for you.

The main one we can tell you now is that it isn’t “rocket science”. It’s just plain common sense but it’s strange just how common sense deserts you when you’re under pressure or stress.

Knowing what to do in these situations will surely help and that’s what on this web site, we attempt to do.

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